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 Game Options As Currently Voted

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PostSubject: Game Options As Currently Voted   Fri 01 May 2009, 10:41

Here are the options as currently voted upon. I bolded the options you will need to create your empire when we get to that point. Voting is still open until I officially create the game. If anyone would like a copy of the vote total spreadsheet to see how it all panned out, let me knwo and I'll shoot you a copy in email.

Quadrant Type: Midlife
Quadrant Size: Large

General Options
All Warp Points Connected
Warp Points Located Anywhere in the system

Technology Cost: Medium
Starting Resources: High (100000)
Home Planet Value: Good
Starting Planets: 3
Home Planet Size: All Player Home Planets the Same Size
Empire Placement: Evenly Distributed Through The Quadrant
Score Display: Allied
Technology Points for New Players: High (5000000)
Racial Points for New Players: High (5000)
Random Computer Players: Generate Normal and Neutral
Number Of Computer Players: Low
Computer Player Bonus: None
Custom Shipsets: No

Game Options
Sight Settings: Players Start With Sight Of Their Entire Home Solar System And Require Sensors To See At A Distance
Event Frequency: Medium
Maximum Event severity: Catastrophic
Maximum Units In Space Per Player: 20000
Maximum Ships Allowed Per Player): 4000
Gameplay Options: Allow Map Saves During Game
Player Restrictions: Players Can Give Gifts;Players Can Give Technology Through Gifts And Trades;Players Can Completely Surrender;Players Can Conduct Intelligence Projects;Players Can See The Entire Technology Tree

Victory Conditions
Massive Expansion
Time Elapsed - 100 Years

PBW Options
Turn Duration: 48
Note: The new website doesn't seem to have the same nag options as the old site so I didn't list those options. If, after I create the game, those options are available I'll list them here.
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Posts : 632
Join date : 2009-04-29
Age : 49
Location : Cleveland Heights

PostSubject: Re: Game Options As Currently Voted   Thu 07 May 2009, 20:11

Also, voting is closed since I have created the game.
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Game Options As Currently Voted
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