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Buckeye Game Fest September 21st - 24th
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 Elder Signs on Steam

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PostSubject: Elder Signs on Steam   Sun 01 Dec 2013, 11:05

Single Player, includes the expansions for a total of 7 Ancient One's to choose from.
I got it for my phone through the google store, which was cheaper.

Best group I've found (5/7 Ancient One's defeated):
Mark Harrigan: One Man Army - Perform tasks in any order.
Vincent Lee: Physician - Heals 1 Stamina per turn.
Carolyn Fern: Psychology - Heals 1 Sanity per turn.
Ashcan Pete: Scrounge - You pick what type of card you win.

Use this order, so you can have Ashcan close any events that have extra Mythos effects. You can use anyone in the first slot that you prefer.

Replace Mark with Rita Young: Resilient - No damage taken from completing tasks.
2nd unlock is Leo Anderson: Treasure Hunter: Extra trophy for successful completion of Adventure.
Two others that I haven't unlocked yet.
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Elder Signs on Steam
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