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 Video Games Im waiting for

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PostSubject: Video Games Im waiting for   Wed 01 Oct 2014, 21:06

Outlast Ill probably buy pretty soon, gotta finish some other games first,
(the new Shadow Warrior, Mass Effect 2, Dead Space, Dead Island, Bioshock Infinite).

Outlast is currently $20 on steam and is a survival horror game set in an insane asylum where gruesome experiments have been performed on the inmates, and the building was closed down decades ago. Unfortunately, you enter the building and it is still occupied by angry and deformed inmates who only wish to wear your head for a hat.

Evil Within is a new survival horror game coming out Oct 14th, and is supposed to be very gory and frightening. From the creator of the Resident Evil franchise, it enables you to set traps and create weapons, (like in Dead Island), but encourages you to flee as the enemies are very powerful at times.

Alien Isolation is a survival horror game. The game is set in 2137, 15 years after the events of Alien and 42 years prior to Aliens. The game follows Amanda, who is investigating the disappearance of her mother Ellen Ripley. Amanda was transferred to the space station Sevastopol to find the flight recorder of Nostromo. However, an Alien has already infested the station.

You play Amanda in a first person viewpoint, and complete tasks on the station while avoiding the Alien by using your motion sensor to detect its location. But the range on your motion sensor is probably about 40-50 feet, so once you detect the Alien, you can usually also see it if you look around. Once it catches you , you die. No weapons.
The space station stays very true to the original Alien set, and the lighting , (from the a gameplay video I watched), Is awesome. lots of shadows and light obscuring your vision until you move behind an object to block the source. Very realistic.

Evolve is the next generation version of Left 4 Dead. It is basically a 4 person team vs. the tank. But there are 6 or so different versions of the tank with different powers, that look different. The premise is that the 4 person team, 1 hunter who tracks the tank, 1 support who shoots the tank, 1 medic who heals the team, and 1 trapper who restricts the tank movement to a small portion of the map via a large forcefield. The tank must avoid the 4 person team while eating creatures which cause him to grow and increase his powers. Once he thinks he is powerful enough, he then attempts to kill the team. There are also NPC monsters and plants that attack the team while they hunt the tank. They must get to the tank quickly before he becomes to powerful, and therefore harder to kill.
It is multiplayer only and the 4 man team and the tank are all played by online opponents. Release date is next February

Wolfenstein the new order is , well, wolfenstein. Nuff said. $59 currently
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Video Games Im waiting for
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