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Buckeye Game Fest September 21st - 24th
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PostSubject: Codecombat   Tue 10 Feb 2015, 15:01

There was a time back in the distant past when Lamer, HPD and I all had TRS-80 Color Computers (CoCo) and we played a game called robot battle where you wrote rudimentary little programs (not unlike Logo) that ran a battle robot against another persons programmed bot. It was a fun little tactical exercise and built basic coding skills. There are newer games like that, but pretty involved.

Here is a fun little game for novice coders, both adults and kids, that teaches basic level Python skills (and some other languages, but I ran with Python). It is very well done, has reward based incremental learning system in fantasy setting. It's never too early to get kids hooked on coding.

If a robot tank programming game intrigues you like the one we used to play, check this out:
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