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 two things i've been wantingto do.

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PostSubject: two things i've been wantingto do.   Sat 09 Apr 2016, 09:04

so, while i've owned them for a while now, i have yet to really sink my teeth into dead of winter, and play a full-bore game of arkham (i think i'm only missing 2 expansions now)

I know i'm WAAAAY out in the sticks for some of you (almost an hour due east of fish, and half hour east of chin) but possibly we could set up a one-nighter to see what we can see? My house isnt quite as accomidating, but i've got a large, heated garage, which has housed a RPG game for almost a decade. a game of arkham shouldent be a problem....

what are your thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: two things i've been wantingto do.   Sat 09 Apr 2016, 16:38

I could be down for it I have Dead Of Winter if we want to try a game here one night for a half way point. Arkham probably would be better in your garage if you have the table. Not sure if I could the mostly expanded version on any of my tables.
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two things i've been wantingto do.
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