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Next West Side Game Night is TBD, Next East Side is TBD
Buckeye Game Fest September 21st - 24th
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 Going to miss a turn? Minimize the pain.

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PostSubject: Going to miss a turn? Minimize the pain.   Fri 19 Jun 2009, 11:21

There is a setting to minimize the damage the AI can do if you miss a turn. If you turn this setting off, I believe that your turn will go off and any outstanding orders you gave will continue, but the AI won't do stuff like make a bunch of silly ship designs and load up your construction queues with a bunch of junk you don't need. The kicker is that I don't know if it actually works!

Empire Options - Ministers - Minister Settings - Minister General Options - AI controls empire in player absence

If anyone sets this and it does/doesn't work as described, post up!

Now, if you are master of tweaking the Minsiter settings, maybe you want the AI to control things. In that case, ignore this post!
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Going to miss a turn? Minimize the pain.
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