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 Ring and Sphere worlds

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PostSubject: Ring and Sphere worlds   Sun 09 Aug 2009, 17:32

Can anybody comment on the extreme difficulty of defending newly constructed Ring and Sphere worlds? It seems that once a Ring/Sphere is established and has platforms built it has a significant (maybe unfair) advantage in that the platforms all can target attacking ships (regardless of the seeming incongruity that the platforms can all instantly move to the part of the ring/sphere under attack).

However, when the Ring/Sphere is still new and hasn't had any time to build any defenses, the reverse seems to be true, in that the attacker can attack any part of the giant 6 sector large structure, but defending ships only participate battle if they are in the precisely specific sector in which the attacking ships attacked. In other words, your defending ship are useless unless you can either intercept the attacking fleets (via attack specific target) or you are omniscient and can predict exactly in which sector the attack will occur. This frustrating condition means that one puny frigate can wipe out your Ring/Sphere if it can manage to sneak into your sector.

Is the only solution simply to plug the inbound warp points with fleets, mines, and bases before beginning construction of the Ring/Sphere world? If so, I suppose this additional "Constructed World Tax" just makes it that much more difficult, as if it wasn't expensive enough already. Or is there some trick I'm missing to ensure that the defending ships can "Sentry" a Ring/Sphere world the same way they can a normal colony?
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PostSubject: Re: Ring and Sphere worlds   Thu 13 Aug 2009, 08:58

Well, I think you have exposed two game limitations. I have never build either structure, so I can't comment on them but what you say seems entirely plausible with the way things work in the game otherwise.

One, the evil weapons platform. It's unrealistic even on a planet. They really should be limited to a hex side facing and have a limited arc of fire based on that. Having 360 degree weapons platforms only makes sense for seeking weapons.

Two, the Sentry order should be expanded or a new function added, where ships can be set to pursue any enemy units that enter their sensor range. It doesn't seem like a hard function to develop and in fact I am going to see if I can add it to the Expansion Wish List. (I have added this proposal here:
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Ring and Sphere worlds
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