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 Killing off stations

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PostSubject: Killing off stations   Mon 24 Aug 2009, 17:27

OK, I'm fighting the computer, my big huge gigantic fleet kills all the ships, and then I realize most of my ships don't have ship to planet attack capabilities Smile dang I hate learning the hard way.

Anyway, there are several stations located next to the computer player's planet. Can I get my ships to blow up those stations? What do I set my task force to? I've tried bombard planet, but since they don't have planet fighting capability, they just fly to the edge and sulk.

Thanks for the help, I promise I won't use what I learn against you until at least next turn Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Killing off stations   Tue 25 Aug 2009, 23:33

Yeah, "Bombard Planet" will make ships with non-planet-targeting weapons run away faster than Pantaloons at the first sign of Depleted Uranium Cannons.

I would think a normal strategy of "Optimal Range" should give you stations as a target. You could check whatever strategy you are using and make sure they are in the target list. Make sure they are above Planets in the list.
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PostSubject: Re: Killing off stations   Wed 02 Sep 2009, 14:15

Do the stations have weapons? if not, your ships may have orders to only fire on bases that have weapons. Or until all weapons are gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Killing off stations   

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Killing off stations
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