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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   Mon 01 Jul 2013, 11:16

HC Bonus from Reflex roll 09:39:26 03.07.2013
The HC bonus from reflex rolls will be reduced so that a 6 rolled results in +1 HC.  There is no bonus for a 5.

HC Recovery 15:30:34 01.07.2013

Currently HC is recovered at the end of a turn (end of 5 phases).  This occasionally results in people doing maneuvers on phase 5 that they might not otherwise do because they know they get a HC boost.

The new rule will be you get half your recovery rounded down on phase 2 and half your recovery rounded up on phase 4.  This way you are getting at least some recovery every other phase (unless going 10mph or less a turn) but not so much that you do something unrealistically risky knowing it's not a long term risk.  This also better reflects HC gradually recovering over time instead of a once a second burst.

Reflexes 14:00:00 01.07.2013

Now reflexes for all characters will be determined, not just drivers.

The initial Reflex roll will be 1d6 and give the following bonus's:

Driving: 6 gives +1 to HC
Gunnery: 6 gives +1 to Hit.

Further, different events in game (which will be fleshed out later and used at referee's discretion) will require a Reflexes check.  These will start off as the following:

Reflexes = Vehicles Current HC (or 4 if not in vehicle) + reflex roll + applicable skill bonus.

Reflexes checks will be a 2d6 roll that must be equal or lesser than the value of Reflexes.

Game conditions this will be used on:


Due to an unrealistic ability to take a shot on the 5th phase and then immediately on the 1st phase of the next turn, we'll use this rule instead.

A character can decide to take a shot on the consecutive phase, but first must make a check against their Reflexes.  If they miss their roll, it is an automatic miss and an expenditure of ammo, no to-hit roll.  If they make the check, they fire as normal.  In addition, if the person doing the firing action is the driver, regardless of pass or failure, it is a D1 hazard (attributed following the firing action).
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House Rules
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