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 Car Design

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PostSubject: Car Design   Tue 02 Jul 2013, 15:54

First off a couple good articles on Car Design and related items:

Car Wars Design Advice by Curt Lindmark
Car Design by Robert Hagmaier
Car Wars Technology History by Guy Fullerton -  This is actually a good review of the basic weapons.  Later weapons aren't covered.

Now, for specifics to our campaign.

1) We will use the Car Wars Garage linked in the reference section for all designs.  The main reason for this is I know that it works, you can't make an illegal design accidentally (we all know we wouldn't create an illegal design intentionally, other than Lobo of course) and it allows the quick calculation of repair & salvage which is important for me to get values to you all post-event.  If you find find a car design from another location and you don't want to put into the CWG, send it or a link to me and I will enter it in.  It's easy for me to enter them and the value of having a central repository of cars is too great for me to take a hard line on your laziness.

2) Many of the stock cars do not give personal equipment (hand weapons and body armor) to the crew of vehicles.  We are playing with the Alternate Encumbrance rules where everything weighs something.  If you want to use a stock car and add personal equipment, you may have to modify the design to shave off weight and cost to keep it within the Division we are playing that event.  Then just save it to your list of vehicles and send me the link so I can make sure it is right/acceptable.  Also, later on in the Campaign, characters will start accumulating their own prize money that they can buy their own personal gear with.  This would also have to be worked into the design.

3) Watch the weapons links. If you add a weapon and increase it's quantity at the same location, they will autolink. If you add a weapon and then add a weapon at the location again, they won't be. Links will be of the things I check when I go over people's cars pre-event because they are easy to forget and not configure. Also, be aware of what can be linked. Identical aimed weapons can be linked when placed in the same location. Identical aimed weapons in different locations can be smart linked. Non-aimed weapons (i.e. dropped) in any location can be linked. Non identical aimed weapons in any location can be linked, but when fired linked they fire un-aimed (i.e. in straight line from the car facing). That's all in the rules, but I wanted to point it out to be clear.

More to come as time permits.  Other previous players feel free to add anything you want to say.
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Car Design
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