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 Event #1 - Div 15 Arena Battle

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PostSubject: Event #1 - Div 15 Arena Battle   Mon 05 Aug 2013, 11:09

Event Type: Arena
Division: 15
Cars: 1
Crew: Up to 2.

This is the Official Car of the 2013 NEOCAD (North East Ohio Corporate Auto Duellng League) Opening Day Event.  It will be used by NPC's, pick-up players who don't want to run a corporation and corporations who don't submit a car design before the actual event.

Iron Monkey (click for link to design)
Iron Monkey -- Mid-sized, Extra-Heavy chassis, Heavy suspension, Large power plant, 4 Puncture-Resistant tires, Driver w/BA, Gunner w/BA and PFE, Recoilless Rifle Front, Machine Gun Left, Machine Gun Right, Plastic Armor: F45, L40, R40, B40, T40, U40, Gear Allocation: [10 lbs.], Acceleration 5, Top Speed 92.5, HC 3, 5750 lbs., $14320
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Event #1 - Div 15 Arena Battle
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