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 Starting Corporation Parameters

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PostSubject: Starting Corporation Parameters   Thu 08 Aug 2013, 16:16

Starting Money: $250,000
Starting Characters: 18
Starting skills per character: 80 Skill points, not more than 30 in any one skill. 10 points in at least 5 skills)

Anyone can join the season at anytime using these stats.  After the first event, any corporation can hire people off the NPC list to replace killed or fired roster spots.

As per the normal Corporate rules, the League Standing points are as follows:

1st Place: 5 Points, 50% of Prize Money
2nd Place: 3 Points, 30% of Prize Money
3rd Place: 2 Points, 10% of Prize Money
Non-pacing participants: 1 Point

Total Prize Money:
Total cash pot: Total of vehicle values * Prize Rating of venue.

You also receive the salvage of any vehicles you officially kill.
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Starting Corporation Parameters
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